Registration is closed

All the countries had to register their teams till Monday 22th of July and this year 15 countries out of 21 registered to FEIF will participate at WM 2019 in Berlin. Countries not participating are Australia, Faroe Islands, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and New Zealand.Countries that are participating are Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, … Nadaljuj z branjem Registration is closed


Everybody need little help on their way to their goals and we needed it too.We would like to thank all the people and organisations/companies that are helping us making our first goal come true. We would like to thank Gestüt Norderheide for helping us with horses, Steve Köster for being team trainer and helping us with WM paperwork, Nele Wagenitz for … Nadaljuj z branjem 13 DAYS LEFT

Slovenian Icelandic Horse Association

Before we start writting about any other things happening in Slovenia, the only right thing is to introduce to you our Icelandic Horse Association. In 1993 the Society of Icelandic Horse Breeders of Slovenia (DRIKS) was established, which links around 40 members and is also one of the nineteen members of the FEIF. The main aims of our association are to provide our members with all relevant information about the breed, to organize different kind of icelandic horse … Nadaljuj z branjem Slovenian Icelandic Horse Association