We are 14 days away from WM 2019 which will be held in Berlin from 4th to 11th of August. But for all the participants and their teams WM 2019 will start few days earlier.

For me, my journey to WM already started in December 2018, when I got a call from my friend. She asked me, if I am still interested in participating at WM. Without a doubt, I answered YES!!! I have been waiting for this moment to happen from the day I turned 16. And like that Slovenia will take part at WM after long 8 years.

Team Slovenia is half Slovenian and half German. I will borrow horse from Gestüt Norderheide. First I wanted to participate with Slovenian highest judged stallion Jari Savinjski, but I decided not to because I would rather prepare him a little bit more for next competition season.
Beside me, team Slovenia will be represented by (from left to right-photos bellow): Team leader Matjaž Kocjančič, trainer Steve Köster and groom Nele Wagenitz.

On 29. July, Matjaž and I will start our journey to Berlin. First we will stop at beautiful Gestüt Norderheide so I can have a few trainings with Steve, before Berlin and ”the big” oval track. On 1. August we will continue our journey to Berlin. From the moment, I will step on the venue of the WM, my first WM will begin.

Am I nervous? Yes and no. Yes, because I hope I will not forget anything important in Slovenia, because I will be gone for 14 days. And why am I not nervous? If you are from big country you have to do your best to get through qualification for the national team. The highest number of participants representing Slovenia at WM was in 2007. I think there was 4 or 5 riders. In 2009, there were 2 riders in sport and 1 in breeding and in 2011 there were 2 riders in sport. So I think, if you have competition experiences and riding in higher classes, I do not see a problem why somebody should not go to WM. Let’s be real for a moment, Slovenia never had a chance against bigger countries and big names of Icelandic horse world. Not because we are not good enough but because we do not have horses on that high level. Beside that we do not have infrastructure to train, trainers on that high level. The knowledge in Slovenia about Icelandic horses is quite low. So I am proud what we did till now and I hope we will be doing it also in the future. So nobody really expects that you will bring home gold, but you never know, sometimes miracles happen. I am not nervous because I had results before. I represented my country well but I have to start with bigger competitions and put my name out there , if I want to be a professional Icelandic horse rider and change my passion to my job.

And yes I will ride against my idols, which is a bit scary but we have them because we look up to them and say to our self, ” I wish I could ride like them”. In the end, they make us better because we set our goals, that we will become as good as them. Maybe one day your idol will become your rival.

I do not expect anything from my performance at WM. I know my team and I will do the best we can. I hope I will meet a lot of new people and have a really good time in Berlin.

WM 2019, I am more than ready for you.