About me

My name is Nina Vršec and I was born on Ferbuary 20, 1996. During my childhood I was in a lot of various sports, but my riding career started on the Krumperk Castle near Domžale in 2007. At the age of 11, I got my first Icelandic horse named
Haförn frá Lexkesveer . I started competing in 2009 in Strasswalchen in Austria and I took home a silver medal. Due to the lack of trainers in Slovenia, I went to trainings in neighboring Austria, where me and Örn performed the most. Together we have appeared on at least forty competitions. We won a lot of gold medals from C-category to A-category. We competed in all disciplines during our competition career. The raking I am most proud at was at FEIF YOUTH CUP in 2012, where we finished 3rd, 6th, 9th and 10th place.

My vision I to help people through my experience with competition and to start their competition career, educate people in Slovenia about Icelandic horses and to start building competition team in all age classes and disciplines.